European Invasion - Reach For The Lasers!!!

I spent last month travelling around Europe with a friend from uni. We rocked Amsters, Berlin, Budapest, a few islands in Croatia, Slovenia, Rome and Barcelona!!! It was a trip which included an awesome Graffiti tour in Berlin, party times in Budapest and spending a night in Montpellier surrounded by tramps and gang warfare! The whole trip was amazing and personal highlights included 'Tacheles', (a squat which is now rented out as creative space for artists), the cool installations in Amsterdam and chilling in the Parc Guell in Barca! Here are some of the photos I took whilst away;

Woolen Installation in Amsters!

Coliseum 09

Slovenia - Lake Bled

'Tacheles' staircase

Berlin Wall repainted

Slovenian Gorge

Thursday, 13 August 2009

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