'ONE' Condom Graphic design competition!

Recently I've been working on some designs for an American condom company called 'ONE'. It was a really open brief and the general idea is to create an unusual and fun response to a condom wrapper. I decided to focus on some word play and try to create some powerful imagery which would brighten up someones day. Here are my final 3 images for the 2nd round of the competition:

Vote for this at:


Vote for this at:

Vote for this at:

PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!! I need as many votes as possible to get to the next stage. THANKS!!!

Friday, 3 December 2010

One response to 'ONE' Condom Graphic design competition!

  1. James says:

    I LOVE YOUR DESIGNS! Let's see if we can get more people to vote for you!

    Valentine's day - yesterday - marked the beginning of Safe Sex week. ONE condoms is offering $1000 to the lucky winner who posts the best design at: http://onecondoms.com/design

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