Design Event - Daniel Eatocks 'The Modern Art Of Conversation'.

This year the theme of 'Design Event - North East' was 'Conversation'. The festival took part in October and the first thing I visited was an installation by Daniel Eatock based on the brief of 'Non Verbal Communication'. The idea was to create an interactive touch screen in a shop window whereby the public could interact with a mime artist, on the inside of the glass, and draw pictures using 'Windowlene'. I went down to check this out and thought it was great to see a wide range of people getting involved ranging from 'charvers' drawing cocks on the window, to foreign visitors to the city getting their photo taken by the mime artist. Passers by loved it and I think it probably brightened up everybody's day that saw it.

I got involved by having a game of 'noughts and crosses' and making a chair for the mime artist to have a rest. The event was recorded and was screened as part of the festival at Westgate Road from the 21st-31st October!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

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