One Day Projects...Part 1

Over the next few months I am aiming to carry out some small 1-2 day conceptual projects based around everyday objects and generally anything I can get my hands on. These projects will hopefully allow me to experiment with ideas in their rawest state and may lead to some concepts worth developing. This will be a nice change and should fit in well with a few other longer term projects I currently have on the go.

Several of these mini projects are going to be based around light and my first idea was to get myself to 'Poundland' and pick up some stuff and bought a few packs of 'glow-sticks' to play around with. Here are some photos of my creations...

Over the past few years I have become very interested in photography and felt I could capture some pretty cool images of light with a slow shutter speed.

I used an old jam jar to encapsulate some of the glow-sticks to create a temporary, colourful light source on my desk.

I liked the idea of creating a light source installation so created several of these (similar to above) and hung them around town. It was a pretty windy night which helped me get some pretty cool photos.

Friday, 3 December 2010

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